Welcoming Our Relatives Back

April 2018 - May 2018

Tasha Hubbard

Welcoming Our Relatives Back:

Digital Stories from International Buffalo Treaty

 This work is the result of Tasha Hubbard’s collaborative work with Leroy Little Bear and Amethyst First Rider, which will eventually culminate in a Buffalo Story Archive in support of the International Buffalo Treaty’s goals, including raising buffalo consciousness amongst the people.

 The first piece is the story of why Mistawasis First Nation decided to become a signatory of the International Buffalo Treaty, which is a treaty between Indigenous tribes across the northern plains. Signatories agree to cooperate together, renew relationships to the buffalo and ultimately restore buffalo to the land.

 The second is a work in progress about the return of a herd of buffalo that has its origins in Blackfeet territories. A small herd of calves became a larger herd, held in private hands or in national parks, and now a herd of its descendants finally return to their homelands on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

 Buffalo Story Archive is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities and Research Council.

Reception April 7 1-4 pm Artist Talk, Please Join us for Dainties and great Indigenous Art!