Visions in the Valley

September 2020 - May 2021

Arnold J. Isbister

“In 2019 I was invited by Aldrich Pears of B.C. to submit ideas/concept sketches regarding illustrated info panels for Wanuskewin. My style has varied through the many years and the images produced for this project were created from that experience and cultural perspective. In these paintings there is minimal content to convey a message, information for the public yet sustaining my Art with feeling and Spirituality. I was overloaded with concepts and images after reading the text to accompany each illustration but was cognizant of the limited space I had to apply the images to the message. I became aware through innumerable ‘doodles’ the best application was using a minimal stylistic method as they did two centuries ago on the teepees, their shields, horses, and themselves. The imagery and colors were symbolic to the Culture and had meaning; a message, information could be shown with minimal space and resources. Early in my journey as a purveyor of Art I realized this, adapting and evolving my Art to visualize our Culture with content created through our eyes.

What you see presently is one of my applications in Art that hopefully purveys an insight to our Indigenous culture/history by means of Art, text, symbolism, and spirituality. I must, sincerely and with great respect, thank Aldrich Pears in B.C., Wanuskewin, and SICC for giving me direction and support to achieve this.”

Visions in the Valley are illustrations mirrored in the new way finding signs on the trails of Wanuskewin, located in the West Gallery.

Curated by Olivia Kristoff