Polygon – Wally Dion

January 2015 - May 2015

Artist - Wally Dion

In geometry, a polygon: typically a flat figure or shape that is made up by a chain of straight lines closing in a loop to form a closed chain or circuit.

Wally Dion – “This exhibit is a merging of two areas of research in my studio. The first involves liquid paintings, two and three dimensional surfaces getting covered with layer upon layer of paint, and the second involves colored paper swatches and cutouts. I have recently been interested in themes that include layers and sedimentary processes. I am intrigued with scientific methods for looking backwards in time. Drilling ice cores from Antarctica and testing their CO2 levels, or measuring the size of various rings from a bisected tree.

Regarding this type of research I like to think about color coding these rings or layers for visual interpretation. I enjoy working with colors that should not mix well, but when woven together create a complex relationship that is mutually beneficial.

When thinking about the land and our relationship with it I tend to focus on how much of our societies research looks backwards in time, digging and analyzing samples in the hope that we can gain understanding. Perhaps this understanding will help us to move forward in good stewardship, but so often we see our best research co-opted by industry and venture capitalism. For me, the struggle to slow down growth and subsequent desire to speed it up reminds me of the opposing forces as represented by the cave and mountain. Geometrically the cave, downward facing, and mountain, upward facing triangles create opposing narratives. As a civilization we strive to achieve excellence in every sector of humanity. In a matter of speaking we seek to ascend the mountain, becoming masters of the universe. For some, the cave is akin to Neolithic times where chanting around fires and pagan faith structures locked humanity in perpetual desolation.”