Oskâyi Askîy -Jason Baerg

October 2017 - January 2018

Jason Baerg

Oskâyi Askîy, which means The New World in Cree, explores themes of human survivance, engaged by Anishinaabe cultural theorist Gerald Vizenor as he writes about “the enunciations of dominance, tragedy and victimry.” Oskâyi Askîy carries survivance into reflective spaces of activation, as we now witness international artistic trends engulfing the apocalyptic. In Art in The Age of Asymmetry, Timothy Morton proposes, “that we have entered a new era of aesthetics, shaped by the current ecological emergency.” The Oskâyi Askîy project is an abstract body of work that considers a disconnected rapport with the environment as a result of misdirected human desire. The Sky, Animals and Land are processed through technology and are translated as flesh, fauna and playful apparatus. As a working methodology, this space acts as an exploratory arena to consider solutions to the social and environmental calamities at hand.