Manifestipi- Itwe Collective

October 2016 - December 2016

Itwe Collective


ITWÉ Collective

“This work relates to the idea of gathering. We are hoping to create a space where people encounter others, exchange ideas and embrace differences.

We aim to breed hope, cultural respect, understanding, and togetherness. Moments like these inspire us to do things that are fun and playful and that does not mean that we are negating what has happened to us – but rather activates a conversation.  Continuing the dialogue, whether intense or restating the obvious, keeps it alive. There is heaviness and irony that brings back old politics, but creating the dialogue is the main focus looking forward.

Tragedies are normally at the forefront but so are the triumphs. It’s important to activate the positive communication and deeper understanding of each other and to promote that.” – ITWÉ

ITWÉ Collective consists of founding members Sébastien Aubin(Cree/Métis), Kevin Lee Burton(Swampy Cree)  and Caroline Monnet (Anishnabe/French).The ITWÉ Collective is a “trans-disciplinary art collective dedicated to research, creation, production and education in the field of Aboriginal digital culture. The collective consists of Aboriginal creators who work with digital technologies fostering collaboration among diverse artistic disciplines and communities, establishing partnerships with industry and educational institutions and promotes its members at home and abroad.

Reception and Artist Talk Thursday October 06th 6-8 pm

Admission is free during reception hours and dainties will be served.