Kiskeyihtam 1928-2015 Honoring Allen Sapp

April 2018 - May 2018

Allen Sapp

Kiskeyihtam 1928-2015 Honoring Allen Sapp


Allen Sapp a Cree artist is an iconic figure in Saskatchewan. He was also known by his Cree Name, Kiskeyihtam. Sapp’s  paintings are of his life. His imagery although particular to his experience on the reserve and to his memories of friends, family and Cree ways of knowing- reached a wide audience that connected deeply to his imagery. Many recall their own memories and ways of knowing and both settler and Indigenous communities felt an affinity to the nostalgia of Sapp’s paintings. This particular exhibition features the private collection of Dan and Blanche McDonald, avid collectors of Sapp’s work. They would like the general public to see and enjoy work created by Sapp that has not featured in public display.

Allen Sapp’s Cree name means, he understands, he knows. We honor the prolific work of Allen, his understanding of enacting ways of knowing, ways of life visually. Allen understood or knew how to create memory maps for people to navigate, to remember. We pay homage to Allen Sapp and his beautiful contribution to Saskatchewan.

Reception April 7th 1-4 pm