Indigenous Peoples Art Collective

May 2015 - July 2015

IPAC links Indigenous and Métis artists and communities to promote social change.

IPAC’s artistic objective is to facilitate artist and community collaboration. IPAC provides a forum for voice, promotion, dialogue and understanding of First Nation and Métis artists.

IPAC is a non-profit organization with an office in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, serving the city of Prince Albert and area. IPAC has worked with First Nations and Métis people, inner city youth, women, and all groups generally outside of the mainstream arts community for social, economic and cultural reasons.

The work that IPAC undertakes through its collaborative projects helps to lessen the alienation that can exist between the Indigenous/Métis communities and the contemporary arts world.

IPAC works within communities developing relationships of mutual trust helping to mediate the integration of professional artists into the communities.