Geo-engineered II: Clouds of Secrecy- Colleen Cutschall

January 2017 - April 2017

Colleen Cutschall

Geo-engineered: Clouds of Secrecy

Colleen Cutschall 

Artist talk scheduled April 08th cancelled until further notice

In a series of twenty-one pastel drawings on tar paper, Colleen Cutschall explores the increasingly toxic skies that appear throughout the northern plains. These geo-engineered skies can be seen in every country on the planet. The abstract grid patterns can cover a perfectly blue sky in a half an hour and create total cloud cover in another half hour.  Individuals, politicians, ethical scientists and others have asked their governments repeatedly to stop spraying and to explain their purpose. At the present time no satisfactory answers have been officially released. This lack of transparency about something that affects all life has engendered numerous theories. Qualified researchers, who are concerned, have engaged in their own testing of these aerosols and have at least provided the public with information regarding their content. The drawings have been named after all the chemicals that have been discovered and/or the health issues that have resulted from breathing these aerosols, dubbed chemtrails.


The US government has been engaged in climate engineering since the 1960’s and has increased its experimentation to levels of constant, high visibility. The uninformed populations are simply used as a petri dish for less than ethical experiments whether aimed at the human populace, climate or our environment. Air, water, plants, soil, and all living creatures are subject to these secret experiments. The results are terrifying and cause permanent damage in the form of increased autism in youth, increased early onset of Alzheimer disease in the elderly, a nanoparticle disease called Morgellons, and increased cases of Parkinson’s disease, not to mention a range of respiratory and allergic ailments. Increased levels of particularly aluminum, barium, lead and strontium are the sources of these ailments.


The choice of media, pastels on tar paper, for this series was to allow for the chemical interaction of one on the other. Gradually the visual effects of these combined media will create an aging or yellowing effect, further enhancing the idea of toxic skies. The style is mostly abstract as horizons are not a part of these sky-scapes. The pastels are not blended and with the rough surface of the paper create an impressionist effect. The colour is intended to convey an unnatural quality of the skies.


Cutschall encourages viewers into looking up if they have not done so already. She feels people need to be aware that most clouds seen today are artificial and unhealthy. Because of the secrecy, it is difficult to rein in what ever governments, militaries and corporations are doing to poison this planet but individuals need to at least be aware of the practice.