Abstracting my Ancestral Land – Kim Soo Goodtrack

January 2016 - April 2016

Kim Soo Goodtrack

Kim Soo Goodtrack is a member of the Lakota Woodmountain Reserve in Southern Saskatchewan.

Her great grandmother walked to Woodmountain with Sitting Bull and their people in 1877.

Her grandmother and mother were born in Woodmountain. Goodtrack’s history has informed her practice and her approach to life. By acknowledging personal difficulty, and difficult history(s) both morally and conceptually focusing on the positive, the blessings, the good that life can bring is reflected in her aesthetic as an artist and cultural worker.

Her beautiful ink drawings and paintings in acrylic reflect her visual language as a Hunkpapa Lakota woman. Her love of education, story telling and art is felt within the vibrancy and emotion of color in her paintings and within the richness of imagery in her ink drawings.

Goodtrack has recently returned home to Woodmountain and presently continues her work as an artist within her home territory.