Our community supporters and partners help us educate, preserve, and interpret Indigenous art and culture.

From dance performances to interpretive tours to beloved community events, we work with a variety of core funders, granting bodies and corporate sponsors to create memorable experiences here that are always educational! This affirms our commitment to being a leader in Northern Plains culture and reducing financial and other systemic barriers.

Partner With Us

Your partnership and support ensures that generations now and to come have access to learning opportunities that honour Indigenous knowledge and tradition, including preserving and healing Indigenous prairie land.

Whether through corporate donations, sponsoring a program or exhibition, volunteering, or creative collaborative opportunities, we work with businesses and other charitable organizations to advance the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s 94 Calls to Action and make meaningful contributions to our communities.


Wanuskewin is extremely proud to partner with Nutrien on our journey to become Saskatchewan’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. As our lead partner on the UNESCO Ready Fundraising Campaign, Nutrien has gifted $3,000,000.00 in funds to help get Wanuskewin UNESCO ready! Wanuskewin is deeply grateful to Nutrien for supporting the park and for the greater Saskatchewan community as Nutrien continues to lead the agriculture industry by feeding the future. Thank you Nutrien!


Wanuskewin would like to thank Federated Co-op Limited for their generous support of the UNESCO Ready Fundraising Campaign. Whether it is through partnerships like the CO-OP GOLD Bison product partnership, providing materials for important parks events, or through their most recent donation of $1,000,000.00 to help the park become UNESCO Ready, Co-op continues to show their commitment to the future of Wanuskewin. Thank you Co-op!

ATL Group

Wanuskewin really likes archaeologists. A lot! Wanuskewin is so thankful to our partners at ATL Group who have shown such care and attention to the park’s goals. Support for our archaeological storage unit, joining our UNESCO Ready Fundraising Campaign, and providing consultation work necessary for our journey to become Saskatchewan’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, has set the park up for success in so many ways. Thank you for your gift of $70,000.00 and for being such committed community partners for the park. Thank you ATL Group!

The Yuel Family

Wanuskewin Galleries is humbled by the care and attention of major donors, Greg & Olivia Yuel who continue to support Wanuskewin in meaningful ways. The Olivia & Greg Yuel Artist-in-Residence Program is one of a kind because the artistic opportunity is for both emerging and established Indigenous artists! With a donation of $675,600.00, the Yuel family helps Wanuskewin reach farther as the work towards becoming a premiere tourist destination and Saskatchewan’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thank you Greg & Olivia Yuel!


Wanuskewin is very grateful to Orano for their continued support of the park. Restoring native prairie grasslands, maintaining healthy ecologies, and promoting incredible biodiversity is an important part of the work we do at Wanuskewin. Orano’s $60,000.00 contribution is meaningful as Wanuskewin continues to develop the site and prepare it to become UNESCO Ready! Strong community partners like Orano support Wanuskewin on its journey to become Saskatchewan’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thank you Orano!


Please join us in thanking Mosaic for their continued support of Wanuskewin! Mosaic continue to be wonderful long-term community partners with a vested interest in supporting Indigenous-led organizations. With a donation of $500,000.00 to the UNESCO Ready Fundraising Campaign, Mosaic is a most welcomed partner on the journey to becoming Saskatchewan’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our Supporters

We are grateful for the generous support of these and countless other partners and donors who make the work we do possible.

Sponsors & Community Partners

UNESCO Ready Partners

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