Wanuskewin is guided by provincial government legislation under the Wanuskewin Heritage Park Act and depends on donations and core business activities to sustain operations.

This unique model of governance allows for the local community to take on the primary role for conservation, stewardship and operations. All public funding that the Park receives is aguestsied for through grant funding mechanisms that are reviewed on a regular basis.

You can support Wanuskewin in a variety of ways:
  • Donations assist Wanuskewin in meeting the cost of providing our programs and services to a wide audience. They keep exhibitions open, protect the artifacts, support educational programming, and provide Wanuskewin with funding in areas where it is needed most.
  • Sponsorships allow the Park to host special exhibitions and programs. We invite you to join other industry leaders in supporting Wanuskewin by sponsoring an educational program or special exhibition.
  • Volunteers add additional support to our interpretive, educational and scientific programming. We invite you to join our already diverse and vibrant team to help inspire curiosity, share information, and guide exploration of the Park.
  • Like the many partners who give to Wanuskewin, we recognize our role in giving back to the community. If you are looking for in-kind support such as the use of regalia, temporary exhibits, or the vast knowledge of our staff, we invite you to reach out.

Partner With Us

Wanuskewin Heritage Park is grateful for the generous support of our partners and donors.

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Wanuskewin in the Community

Wanuskewin Heritage Park has an outstanding team of community supporters and we are proud of the many partnerships that allow us to continue to succeed in being a leader in First Nations educational programming and culture.

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Thundering Ahead Campaign

Wanuskewin has completed their bold renewal plan, and the amazing new facility has been open to the public (within Covid guidelines) since December 2020

More on our Thundering Ahead Donors

Because of you, our steadfast community supporters, we have made significant progress in the four pillars we established:

  • You have helped elevate Wanuskewin from the longest-running archaeological project in Canada to an international centre for excellence in education, preservation and interpretation of Indigenous art and culture.
  • You have helped preserve the ecological island that is the Opimihaw Valley and protect the unique ecology and biodiversity of the land as Wanuskewin transitions to an iconic urban park
  • You have returned the majestic bison to Wanuskewin’s plains!
  • You have emboldened our dream to make this National Historic Site a UNESCO World Heritage Site by 2025. We continue to make strides towards this lofty goal, a first for Saskatchewan and a fitting tribute to the First Peoples of this land.

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