Kevin Pee-ace

Artist in Residence

Showcasing artist Kevin Pee-ace

A way to explore his identity and heal, Pee-ace has taken knowledge passed on from generations and shared them through vibrant and symbolic imagery. His large-scale, vivid artworks resonate with viewers and have become a signature style documenting Pee-ace’s vision of the prairies as a culturally rich and spirited place. The fi rst time this style has had its own solo exhibition, colour & culture reinforces his work as a memorable representation of contemporary Indigenous art.

Artist Kevin L. Pee-ace was born in Kelvington, SK and is a member of the Yellowquill First Nation and Peter Chapman First Nation. Art and education have been constants throughout his career. His current style depicts traditional fl oral motifs reminiscent of beadwork, a homage to his late kokom, who created beautiful works on moss bags, moccasins, and saddles. This new style is a modern fusion of two worlds, one traditional and one contemporary.

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