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Darlene Brander, B.Ed., CPHR

Wanuskewin CEO

The significance of Wanuskewin was apparent the first day I walked on the land, and to this day, is it the safe sense of space to be who I am, an Indigenous woman, walking her journey. This land has been a gathering place for thousands of years, and over those thousands of years, intergenerational, the spirt and connectedness of this land welcomes everyone. I work here as a steward to honor the past, thrive in the present and realize our future. I work here, knowing that a legacy for the current and upcoming generations will be left for them.

Felix Thomas

Board Chair

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Dr. Ernest G. Walker

Chief Archaeologist and Wanuskewin’s Cofounder

Wanuskewin is unique because it represents the sacred relationship between a very special prairie landscape and Pre-Contact bison-hunting cultures over 6,000 years. The archaeological record at Wanuskewin is tangible evidence of this connection and the values these Indigenous peoples attached to this place. These values were not only economic, but social and spiritual as well.

The story of Wanuskewin is about the restoration of grasslands, the return of the bison, and the resurgence of Indigenous Plains culture. Our community came together to tell this story more than 40 years ago. However, this is not just a local story, or even a national one—it’s a story of international importance. This is the hope and promise of Wanuskewin.

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