Nearly 150 years ago, Plains bison disappeared from this land.

In December of 2019, Wanuskewin partnered with Parks Canada to welcome these bison back to their original prairie home.

The grasslands of North America are one of the most endangered biomes in the world. By introducing bison back to the land, we are able to help restore native grasses and create a habitat for an animal who was all but extinct in the late 1800s. We aim to restore this land back to balance, where animals, grasslands, human populations, and spirit are whole again.

The Wanuskewin bison are not part of a zoo. They are a conscious effort to restore Plains bison and grasslands while recognizing the deep spiritual connection that Indigenous peoples from across the Great Plains have with these majestic animals.

Since then, we have seen our conservation herd grow with the birth of new calves and the introduction of American bison with ancestral ties to Yellowstone National Park.

These bison ensure the health and diversity of our herd and allow us to share cultural knowledge, specialized programming, ceremonies, and thoughtful discussion.

We welcome you to Wanuskewin to witness the iconic keystone species of the Great Plains and share in their growth with your loved ones for years to come.

This important cultural, social, and environmental initiative is made possible through the visionary leadership and generous donation of the Brownlee Family Foundation.

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