Dancer, Elder, and Additional Programs

Enjoy a guided tour program as part of your visit, meeting, or event booking.

$75.00 per tour   *30 person capacity/program guide or tour

*Programs are scheduled as 45 minutes – 1 hour

Sample Tour Options:

Tipi Raising

Learn how to set-up a tipi! This program shares the values and teachings of the tipi poles that have been passed down through the generations of the Plains Cree. This is a great team building exercise that will enhance your worldviews. *Indoors 

A Step Back in Time Walk

Step back in time with one of our interpretive guides on the Path of the People. This walk incorporates the archaeological story of Wanuskewin and will give you a glimpse of what life was like on the prairie long ago. *Outdoors

Medicine Walk

Imagine having all the medicine you needed right outside of your tipi! This trail walk introduces participants to the medicines of First Nations people. From medicines that give relief to the common cold or act as a bug repellent, the Opimihaw Valley has it all! *Outdoors

First Nations Technology

Millions of bison once roamed the Central and Northern Plains, and First Nations peoples depended upon them for survival. Learn about the bison, its place in the centre of Plains cultures, and how it was processed for food. Understand and see examples of how every part of the bison was used to provide food, tools, shelter, weapons, toys, and even glue. *Indoors

To view all the tour options, or for special requests, visit our Group Tours Page

Dance Performances

2:00 p.m. – Daily – Beginning May long weekend until September long weekend, and Saturdays through the year. Join us in the Circle Area or Amphitheatre to watch (location is dependent upon the weather). 30 – 45 minutes

Traditional Powwow Dances and Drumming Presentations can be booked to enhance your meeting or event onsite at Wanuskewin or offsite within the City of Saskatoon. E-mail or call 306.931.6767 ext 3.   For package prices and options, see below.

PLEASE NOTE for offsite bookings:  Out of respect for Indigenous Culture, the Dancers, Drums, Regalia, Eagle Feathers, and other sacred items present, there can be NO OPEN ALCOHOL during any Dance Performance or Elder Services.

KIHIW (The Hawk)

  • 1 First Nations Powwow Style Dancer
  • 1 First Nations Singer/Drummer
  • Approx. 30 minute performance

Price: $450.00

MASKWA (The Bear)

  • 2 First Nations Powwow Style Dancers
  • 2 First Nations Singers/Drummers
  • Approx. 35-40 minute performance

Price: $900.00


  • 3 First Nations Powwow Style Dancers
  • 2 First Nations Singers/Drummers
  • Approx. 45 minute performance

Price: $1,100.00


  • 5 First Nations Powwow Style Dancers
  • 1 Drum Group (4-5 First Nations Singers)
  • Approx. 60 minute performance

Price: $2,200.00

MIKISIW (The Eagle)

  • 8 First Nations Powwow Style Dancers
  • 1 Drum Group (4-5 First Nations Singers)
  • Approx. 120 minute performance

Price: $2,800.00

Elder Talk and Prayer

Set the right course for your meeting or day with an Elder who can bless your meeting and help set the pathway for your intentions.  Please contact us to request an Elder to open your meeting with a prayer and talk, or smudge.  Groups are asked to provide and present their own tobacco to the Elder on the meeting day.

$300.00 – Elder Blessing and Prayer, or Smudge (please specify when requesting)

Other Opportunities

Do you have something special in mind that we can assist with that we have not listed above? Please do not hesitate to ask since we love working with groups to create a special experience and something culturally authentic and unique. Email or call 306.931.6767 ext 3.