Wanuskewin Online Learning Series

Wanuskewin has been providing educational programming and learning opportunities for over 30 years, and our two Online Learning series options are a natural extension of the in-person programming that we offer. We are excited to share this information with a wider audience, and create accessible opportunities for more people to learn about and appreciate the rich histories, stories, and world views of the peoples of the Northern Plains, past and present.




Learning For Reconciliation

Currently featuring Indigenous Awareness with John Lagimodiere and Winston McLean, the Learning For Reconciliation Series is designed to support our collective learning journey.

This 8-part video series was designed to highlight the importance and impact of Indigenous histories in our society and illuminate the important path forward for Indigenous cultures in our community.

Topics such as:

  • The treaties
  • Métis & First Nations history
  • The Indian Act
  • Residential schools
  • Indigenous rights
  • Terminology

We hope you will take advantage of this unique learning opportunity as part of our collective journey of truth and reconciliation.

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kiskêyihtamowin: learning through experiences

Originally designed for schools during COVID-19, kiskêyihtamowin: learning through experiences was created to connect students with the thousands of years of culture and history at Wanuskewin in a time when in-person visits were not possible.

Now, this online learning series serves as a digital library for the teachings, stories, and information at Wanuskewin to be shared in classrooms, trainings, workshops, homes, and workplaces.

Developed by interpreters and based on expertise, stories, and teachings from Elders, Knowledge Keepers, archaeologists, and other experts, kiskêyihtamowin provides a way to learn about the scientific findings and historical and contemporary cultural traditions of the people of the Northern Plains

Topics such as:

  • Traditional dance styles and regalia
  • Native plants, how to honour them and use them
  • The Plains Cree style of tipi and the lessons and values associated with each pole and each stage of life from childhood to elder
  • The importance of the bison to the People of the Plains including methods of hunting, the uses for each part of the animal and their cultural significance
  • The archaeological findings of the opimihāw Valley and what they can tell us about the past
  • Cultural awareness including language, culture, art, clothing and worldviews

This series includes additional materials for teachers, parents, educators and other facilitators. Some of these additions include curriculum connections and activities for groups.

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All Wanuskewin programming is developed by our interpretive team, in partnership with elders, Knowledge Keepers, and Indigenous Educators to provide an authentic opportunity to learn more about the cultures, land connections, languages, stories, art, and pre-history of the peoples of the Northern Plains.

Programs are culturally and territorially focused on Western Canadian provinces, regions of Ontario, and the mid-northern United States, but are relevant for any audience curious about Indigenous worldviews and land-based teachings from the Northern Plains region.

For more information about Learning For Reconciliation or kiskêyihtamowin, please contact us here

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