Thank you for booking a field trip to Wanuskewin!

Below you will find some more information for being on-site at Wanuskewin and some Frequently Asked Questions. Please feel free to email the Visitor Services Coordinator at if you have any other questions or concerns.

  • Water bottle (there are water fountains and water bottle refilling stations on site)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Good walking shoes
  • Snacks and bagged lunch (no microwaves available)
  • Proper clothing for the weather (e.g., sweater, rain coat, umbrella, boots, mittens etc.)

Students can eat outside or in select places inside the Visitor Centre. Please see below for a map of lunch spots.

We have a small public coatroom students can use. On arrival, you will be assigned a section of the coatroom for your class.

Please note that it is a public coatroom and we recommend that you keep valuables (i.e., phone, wallet, etc.) on you. Wanuskewin is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Please remind your students to dress for the weather as programming will be done in rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather (i.e., thunderstorms or heat warnings), programming will be moved inside when possible and some changes to your schedule may be necessary to accommodate all bookings moving inside. Some programs may be moved inside during light rain so that the programming equipment is not wrecked, but guided walks will continue outside.

  • Exhibits – Explore our interactive Exhibits and Bison Hunt video game
  • Galleries – Check out what’s in the galleries
  • Gift Shop – Spend some time shopping for souvenirs or snacks
  • Scavenger Hunts – Available on our website to print before you come
  • Dance Presentation – Daily from May to September long weekend
  • Trail System – Walk our 7 km trail system to take in the nature and history of the site
  • Tipi Village – Head down to our Tipi Village to explore our 18’ tipis
  • Playground – Burn off some energy or eat lunch at our playground
  • Bison Herd – Walk to our Viewing Platform for a chance to see our conservation herd
  • Snowshoes – Available during the winter months

Bus parking is available at our overflow parking lot near the playground. Our bus loop can be used when dropping off or picking up students and is located at the end of the plaza.

During your group orientation, the guide will go through your schedule and let you know where all your programming will take place. Some programs will be done inside the Visitor Centre, while some will be done outside on the trails or in specified areas outside.

If you will be on-site for lunch, please note that you must submit a pre-order to order from the Restaurant for group bookings. Pre-orders must be sent in and finalized at least five business days before the date of the booking. If you are bringing in your own lunches, you cannot eat outside food in the Restaurant, Galleries, or Exhibits. Please email for more information.

Yes, students may go in the Gift Shop to buy souvenirs or snacks. Please note that we have a limit of 5 students in the Gift Shop and a chaperone must be in the Gift Shop with students at all times. We also have a limit of 2 groups (or up to 10 students) in the Gift Shop.


In order to preserve this land for generations to come, we have a few rules for being on the trails:

Stay on the marked trails at all times.

Do not pick or harvest any plants, berries, or trees.

Do not disturb the wildlife. We are visiting their home and want to leave the valley the way we found it.

Do not litter—throw your garbage away in a garbage can or pack it out.

What should we do when we arrive?

On arrival, please have a teacher or chaperone check the sign in the plaza to see what number their school has been assigned. Once you have your number, you can gather your class(es) in the corresponding numbered area in the plaza. A guide will come out to give your group their orientation before bringing them inside to the coatroom.

On poor weather days, you can come straight inside the Visitor Centre and the guides will direct you to your welcome area from there.

Outside Lunch Spots

Students can eat outside (e.g., playground, plaza, Amphitheatre, Tipi Village). Please ensure that students clean up after themselves and throw all garbage away in the provided garbage cans outside, or pack out their garbage until they return to the Visitor Centre.


Inside Lunch Spots

We have select spaces inside the Visitor Centre for poor weather days. The guides will let you know which space your class can use for lunch during your group orientation. Please note that food and beverages are not allowed in the Exhibits or Galleries and outside food cannot be eaten in the Restaurant.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, programming will be moved inside when possible. Please follow all instructions from the guides once the inclement weather policy is enacted.

During thunderstorms, all tour and self-guided groups will be moved inside the Visitor Centre. If you are outside and hear thunder or see lightning, please return to the building immediately. Our guides will use the siren on our megaphone to make an announcement once our inclement weather policy is enacted.

The guides will also advise you of any heat warnings that are in place and will adjust programming accordingly by moving it inside or shortening the time spent outside. If there is a heat warning in place on the day of your booking, please monitor your students for signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Tick Season

It is tick season in Saskatchewan from mid-April to the end of July. To avoid ticks, stay on the trails at all times, use bug spray, wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible, and thoroughly check your body for ticks after being outside.

If a tick has latched on to you or a student, let one of our guides know as soon as possible. All guides will have a tick key or tweezers on them, or we will have these items in our first aid kit in the Visitor Centre. If you notice the tick after leaving Wanuskewin, use a pair of tweezers and press them close to the skin to ensure that you remove the tick’s head as well. Place the tick in rubbing alcohol to properly kill it.


Fire Safety

If the fire alarm goes off, please follow all instructions from the firefighters and guides. The primary muster point is in the West the parking lot at the front of the building. Gather your class and exit the Visitor Centre through the front doors if safe to do so. The guides will instruct you to use another exit if there are any obstructions to the front door exit.

If you are in the opimihāw Valley and hear a fire alarm, do not return to the Visitor Centre. Exit the valley and meet at the muster point in the parking lot if safe to do so. If you are in programming in the valley, stay with the guide and follow their instructions.

If you are in the opimihāw Valley and see a grassfire, immediately leave the area by the safest path and return to the building to report the fire.

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