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Wanuskewin is proud to be a place where all people can respectfully and meaningfully engage with Indigenous cultures on the collective journey of truth and reconciliation. As a park honoring Indigenous peoples’ relationship with the land, it is imperative that we preserve and protect its cultural, spiritual and ecological value.

Stewards of Wanuskewin

The Stewards of Wanuskewin Program will provide opportunities to analyze native prairie grasslands as well as native plant species that have cultural and historic value. This Wanuskewin Initiative will give participants an opportunity to connect with the land and the environment while getting their hands dirty through the maintenance and upkeep of a patch of land throughout the growing season. This spring, we are excited to announce the availability of 34 carefully selected and marked plots. Participants will be responsible for the upkeep and rehabilitation of their chosen plot of land throughout the season

New for This Year: Drop-In Patches

This year, Wanuskewin is introducing drop-in patches for those who prefer a flexible, less committed volunteering option. Unlike the traditional 4-8 week commitment to a plot of land, drop-in patches allow volunteers to participate as their schedules permit – within park operating hours. Volunteers can come in whenever and as often as they like.


Requirements for Drop-In Stewards

Register as a drop-in volunteer.

Complete the training process, which includes watching a training video and answering associated questions.

Requirements for Fixed-Term Stewards

Complete the interest form below. Following the deadline, we will reach out to all patch adoptees with start dates and important program information.

Complete training to develop competence in plant identification, weed control and safety procedures.

On your own schedule, be available throughout the summer to visit and work in your adopted patch – given that it falls under park operating hours.

Volunteer Duties

Choose your preferred patch or let us decide for you!

  • Visit your chosen patch weekly
  • Remove invasive plant species and weeds from your chosen patch
  • Take progress pictures of your patch
  • Use safety equipment provided and follow safety procedures

Sign up as a Drop-in Steward

Before signing up as a drop-in steward, please watch the following training video and complete the associated quiz.

Completing the training and quiz before signing up for our drop-in program ensures that all volunteers are well-prepared and knowledgeable, allowing everyone to work effectively and safely on the land.

Upon completing and passing the quiz, you will be redirected to a sign up form to finish the registration process!

Stewards of Wanuskewin training guide



Take the quiz! 

Sign up as a Fixed-Term Steward


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Volunteers are asked to commit to at least four hours of patch maintenance per week.

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*Images of patches do not depict plant growth. Aerial shots were taken in early 2012

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