26 Sep, '22

Adrian Stimson, Wally Dion, Leah Dorion, Lori Blondeau

In the summer of 2020, our bison herd uncovered four petroglyphs and the bifacial stone carving tool used to engrave them on the Newo Asiniak bison jump, completing the last significant archaeological find Wanuskewin needed to solidify the land as one of a kind in the world.

Inspired by this discovery, we invited four artists, from four different nations all with connections to the land, to partake in residencies to create work as a response to the petroglyphs and the rarity that is Wanuskewin. Consulting with elders, archaeologists, and bison experts, these artists expanded on their own interpretation of the land and the number four, as its significance relates to so many Indigenous cultures.

Adrian Stimson (Blackfoot), Wally Dion (Saulteaux), Leah Dorion (Metis) and Lori Blondeau (Cree/Metis/Saultueax) each completed two-week residencies at Wanuskewin in the last year and had a chance to further their own artistic practice while in the beautiful Opimihaw Valley. All artists have a connection to this land, whether it had welcomed them back like home, they call it their home, or are coming back to a place that was once home, much like our bison.

Four medicines, four directions, four seasons, fours colors, four life phases, four stones. Four artists, and four ways of seeing.

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