2 May, '22

A travelling exhibit exploring the past, present and future of this North American mammal

Toured by the Kauffman Museum on behalf of the National Buffalo Foundation, Ancient Pathways, A Bison Biography explores the significance of bison in the cultures of Plains Indian peoples–particularly as a resource for food, clothing, shelter and tools. That co-existence changed dramatically with the closing of the frontier that brought new settlers with livestock to compete for grass and water during a time of climate and habitat change. These developments were exacerbated by the commodification of the bison as hide and bone in late nineteenth century industrialization. The exhibit embeds the bison in the larger narrative of human interactions with natural resources that represent an historical awareness of the need for sustainability–a critical theme in our global economic and cultural discussions. By focusing on bison as a shared resource, Ancient Pathways, A Bison Biography illuminates the past and present of this great North American mammal as a vibrant part of our future.

For more information, please visit bisonexhibit.org

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