Wanuskewin Heritage Park Tour Group Visits

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for considering Wanuskewin Heritage Park for your tour.  Our professional staff is pleased to demonstrate our hospitality.  Our Tour Coordinator is here to assist you throughout the booking process, while our Visitor Services staff will deliver your programming.

Please read these Terms and Conditions between the Convener (individual or group responsible for bringing people together for the purposes of engaging in programming as defined in these Terms and Conditions) and Wanuskewin Heritage Park (WHP) carefully before signing.


  1. All tour group bookings include free entry to WHP and access to the exhibits, trails and facilities for attending students, teachers and chaperones. Also included is your choice of two educational programs, or one specialty program (subject to staffing availability).
  2. Maximum of thirty (30) participants per group.
  3. Ratio of chaperones to students is: Pre-school and Kindergarten: 1 chaperone to 4 children; Grades 1 to 6: 1 chaperone to 8 children; Grade 7 and up: teacher and one additional chaperone per group.  Not having the proper ratio may result in immediate cancellation of your tour or program without refunds.
  4. Teachers and chaperones are responsible for the behavior, discipline and conduct of the students at all times. Poor conduct, disrespectful behavior and dangerous activities will result in the group’s immediate removal from WHP at any time without refund.
  5. The Convener is responsible for any damage to the premises by their students, agents or independent contractors on their behalf, during the time the premises are under control. The Convener will be held financially responsible for repairs on a cost recovery basis plus administrative fees.
  6. WHP will not be responsible for damage to or the loss of any articles left onsite prior to, during or following the tour.
  7. WHP reserves the right to refuse bookings that promote values that contradict the WHP’s mandate.
  8. Smudges and use of fire pit require pre-authorization from management and any fire suppression charges incurred as a result of their use may result in extra charges, notwithstanding advance notification.
  9. In the event of inclement weather, space will be made indoors for programming when possible.
  10. Some programming options expose tour groups to an open fire. Teachers and chaperones must communicate with the students that they must act in a safe manner whereas not exposing themselves or others to harm or danger when around an open fire.  WHP does not assume liability for loss of life or injury due to programming.


  1. Food orders must be placed with the Tour Coordinator at least seven (7) business days prior to the tour date.
  2. Payment for pre-orders must be remitted by the Convener in a lump sum. Failure to do so may result in a substantial delay in food service, subject to the Restaurant staff discretion.  This offer in only available if requested at the time of booking.
  3. Minimum of ten (10) people when pre-ordering.
  4. When cooking over an open fire in the tipi village at WHP, teachers and chaperones are responsible for the safety and well being of their students. WHP does not support the practice of bringing outside food and is not liable or responsible for any illness or injury as a result of outside food being brought in.
  5. In the case of loss of life or injury from the use of an open fire, WHP will not be held accountable. The accountability and responsibility is solely on the Convener, teachers and chaperones.
  6. WHP does NOT allow groups to bring their own bannock dough to cook over an open fire. This policy is withstanding as we offer a program of a similar nature.
  7. Special circumstances will permit the use of an open fire for cooking purposes and must be requested with the Event and Sales Coordinator at booking.


  1. WHP has a no alcohol and drug policy in effect. Alcohol and illegal drugs are NOT permitted under any circumstances.  Failure to comply with this policy may result in being asked to leave at any time without refund.


  1. A preliminary estimate of attendance is required when booking your tour.
  2. A written guarantee of the number of guests attending must be provided to the Tour Coordinator seven (7) business days prior to the tour. Saturday, Sunday and all statutory holidays are not considered business days.
  3. Should more than the guaranteed number of attendees arrive to the tour, the Convener will be charged for the extra guests.
  4. The final billing is calculated using the guaranteed numbers or the actual number of attendees during the tour, whichever is greater.


  1. A paid deposit may be required in order to confirm the booking along with a signed contract.


  1. If cancellations are received seven (7) or more business days before the tour day, deposits are refundable, minus any costs already incurred by WHP.
  2. Cancellations received less than seven (7) business days notice may incur penalties up to one hundred (100%) percent of contracted services.
  3. If the convener has an account with WHP, payment is required within fourteen (14) days from receipt of invoiced services. Late payments may attract interest penalties.  If the Convener does not have an account with WHP, payment is required upon arrival.
  4. Liability on failure to meet the Terms and Conditions remains the responsibility of the Convener named in the tour contract.


  1. Exhibition installations may be underway during the tour. These installations may necessitate the closure or restriction of access to certain galleries or sections of WHP.  The schedule of installations may not be known at the time of booking.  As a result, WHP reserves the right to restrict or change gallery access at any time.


  1. The Convener shall indemnify and hold harmless WHP, it’s agents, offices, directors and employees (the “Indemnified Parties”) from and against all claims, demands, damages, losses, expenses, costs (including legal fees on an attorney/client basis and the cost of experts), actions, suits or proceedings sustained or incurred by any of the Indemnified Parties which may be made, brought or prosecuted in any manner whatsoever against any of the Indemnified Parties, to the extent based upon, arising out of, or attributable to: (a) the acts of omissions (including, without limitation, negligence, gross negligence, strict liability, or willful, wanton or intentional misconduct) of the Convener, its guests or anyone directly or indirectly employed by any of them or anyone for whose acts any of them may be liable, or (b) a breach of this Contract by the Convener.


  1. No portion of any passageway or exit shall be obstructed in any manner and no exit door shall be locked, blocked or bolted by the Convener, its guests or anyone directly or indirectly employed by any of them or anyone for who acts on their behalf may be liable while WHP is in use. All designated exits shall be visible at all times.


  1. If performance of this Contract by WHP is delayed or rendered impossible by an act of God, government authority, disaster, strike, civil disorder, inclement weather or an emergency, this Contract may be terminated by written notice without liability.


  1. The Convener agrees not to bring on to the property of WHP any material, substance, equipment or object which is likely to endanger the life of or cause bodily injury to any person or property or which is likely to constitute hazard.


  1. WHP reserves the right to take photos and videos of the group for promotional materials, including social media marketing materials. It is the responsibility of the Conveners, teachers and chaperones to know which student cannot have their photo or video taken and to communicate this information with WHP.