Tipi Sleepovers (Unavailable)

“Pe kapaysik Miykowapi” (Come and Spend the Night)


** TIPI SLEEPOVERS temporarily unavailable for booking**


Tipi Sleepover Information:

This program requires a minimum of 15 people, or minimum charge if your group is smaller than 15.
Our Tipi Village can accommodate up to 4 tipis set up, with each tipi sleeping up to 10-12 ppl. (If you are a larger group, please e-mail to see options!)


REMINDER:  Due to the nature of the site being an Indigenous ceremonial and gathering place, we have a no alcohol or drugs policy on site at Wanuskewin Heritage Park at all times.

2020 Tipi Sleepover Rates
Minimum Charge (15 participants) $825
Additional participants (per person) $55
Chaperones $25
Additional Program/Guide $75


Over six thousand years ago, Wanuskewin echoed with the thundering hooves of bison and the voices of Indigenous peoples from across the Northern Plains. Today, visitors can relive the stories of a people who came to this site of natural beauty to hunt bison, gather food and herbs and escape the winter winds.

Wanuskewin is pleased to offer our visitors overnight accommodation in a Traditional Tipi in the Opimihaw Valley.

Walking in their footsteps, you will understand why this site was a place of celebration, of renewal with the natural world, and of a deep spirituality. You will begin to learn about the history of a prairie place where Indigenous peoples met newcomers to the continent in a spirit of sharing and hospitality.

Sample Programs Available

Native Plant Walk

This trail walk introduces participants to the plants used in many ways by Plains Indigenous peoples. From bug repellent to basket making, the Opimihaw Valley has it all!

Tipi Teachings Program

Enjoy one of Wanuskewin’s most popular programs! Gain insight into traditional teachings with this hands-on program discussing the practical purpose of each tipi pole, and connections to each stage of life. Come and try it yourself!

Traditional Games

Traditional games provided the teachings and skill development required for survival on the Northern Plains. The traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle was incredibly demanding and required superb levels of physical fitness. Come learn how games played an important role in educating the young by developing physical skills and encouraging social development.

View ALL program options here 

Sample Itinerary (PLEASE NOTE, we can be flexible with timing based on your booking requirements):

5:30 PM Arrival at Wanuskewin:
Meet-and-greet with Wanuskewin host
Set up camp outside
6:30 PM Choice of educational program
7:45 PM Choice of educational program
9:00 PM Bannock-on-a-stick at campfire with Hot Chocolate  – Discussion on traditional Plains life at Wanuskewin
10:00 PM Self-Guided free time at tipi village

Morning Schedule
8:00 AM Rise and Shine – clean up Tipi Village area (all equipment needs to be out of tipi village before 9 a.m.)
8:30 AM Breakfast (continental style included in booking)
9:00 AM Conclusion of Sleepover with the option to stay onsite and do self-guided touring or make arrangements in advance for extra programming (additional cost, and pending availability)

What to Bring

  • sleeping bag appropriate for the weather, pillow, and other bedding (bedroll)
  • foam or small mat to sleep on (wooden floors in tipi)
  • personal effects (toothbrush, deodorant, etc. – UNSCENTED – please note we have NO shower facilities)
  • appropriate clothing and footwear for weather conditions, and extra layers!
  • bug spray
  • flashlight

Booking your Tipi Sleepover (UNAVAILABLE for bookings at this time)

Each Tipi Sleepover includes the choice of 2 guided programs, campfire bannock bake with hot chocolate, as well as a light breakfast in the morning. Please review the “Tours” tab for further information on our programming. If there is something specific you are interested in for programming that is not listed, please let us know and we will try to accommodate the request.

15 Participant minimum or payment thereof.


Please book your tipi sleepover at least three weeks in advance. Additional programs and customized menus available at an added cost.

For additional questions or information, please e-mail tours@wanuskewin.com



Additional Programming

Dancer & Elder Bookings

Have you considered requesting an Elder to open your meeting or visit, or booking an interpretive program or dance performance as part of a break while meeting at Wanuskewin?

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