Program Options for Experiential Learning


Let us help plan an interesting, educational, and fun programming experience for your students or tour group. Whether your group is walking through our beautiful Opimihaw Valley, handling artifacts, or learning a new life skill, we offer an experience that participants will remember for years to come!





2022 & 2023 Bookings  (In Person & ONLINE options available!)

*Wanuskewin has FRENCH tour programs*

Now available on request*


Regular Program offerings:

Exhibit Tour

Explore our brand new Exhibit spaces with one of our knowledgeable interpreters. Tour includes an overview of these amazing educational and interactive displays. From elders voices welcoming you, to a traditional cree style tipi with storytelling inside, to the new theatre with video presentations and many many more stops, this space is sure to inspire.

*Indoors – Year Round – 45 minutes to 1 hour – All Ages

Tipi Teachings

Enjoy one of Wanuskewin’s most popular programs! Learn the traditional Cree/Nehiyaw style tipi set up with an indoor 8 foot tipi set up demonstration and teaching. This hands-on program discusses the practical purpose of each tipi pole and the associated meanings and significance that each pole represents for each stage of life.

*Indoors and Outdoors – Available year round – 45 minutes to 1 hour – All Ages

Traditional Games

Traditional games provided the teachings and skill development required for survival on the Northern Plains. The traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle was incredibly demanding and required superb levels of physical fitness. Come learn how games played an important role in educating the young by cultivating physical skills and encouraging social development.

*Indoors and Outdoors – Available year round – 45 minutes to 1 hour – Adaptable for All Ages

Northern Plains Technology: The Bison

Millions of bison once roamed the Central and Northern Plains, and Indigenous peoples depended upon them for survival. Learn about the bison, their place in the centre of Northern Plains Indigenous Peoples’ cultures. Understand and see examples of how every part of the bison was used to provide food, tools, shelter, weapons, toys, and even glue.

*Indoors and Outdoors – Available year round – 45 minutes to 1 hour – Suited for Grade 4 to Adult

Gallery Tour

Our two galleries provide space in which Indigenous artists can present their artwork of all kinds of mediums including visual art, performance art, and auditory and visual media from contemporary and traditional Indigenous artists. Join our gallery team and guides for a guided tour of the art and artists currently being featured in our galleries, and the art of the site through our sculptures, and exhibits. You can see our current gallery exhibitions on our Art Exhibitions page.

*Indoors – Available year round – 45 minutes to 1 hour – All Ages



Guided Walks:

Step Back in Time Walk

Step back in time with one of our interpretive guides on the Path of the People trail to get a glimpse of what life was like on the plains long ago.

*Outdoors – Year Round – 45 minutes to 1 hour – All Ages

Bison Walk

Learn more about our bison herd restored to Wanuskewin through this 45 minute program. From the bison hunt sculptures to the new trail of the bison lookout, this tour will help you gain a deeper understanding and connection to the significance of bison coming back to the land.

*Outdoors – Year Round – 45 minutes to 1 hour – All Ages

Native Plant Walk

This trail walk introduces participants to the plants used in many ways by Plains Indigenous peoples. From bug repellent to basket making, the Opimihaw Valley has it all!

*Outdoors – May to October – 45 minutes to 1 hour – All Ages

Archaeology Walk

Join one of our Archaeology Guides and explore the Trail of Discovery.  Learn about the formation of the Opimihaw Valley, the history and science behind Archaeology, and see some locations of the dig sites that have been active in past years. (Special Request – based on Guide Availability)

*Outdoors – Year Round – 45 minutes to 1 hour – All Ages




Specialty Programming – 2 Hours:

opimihāw Walk

Explore more of Wanuskewin’s trails in a two hour full interpretive program. This walk showcases the opimihāw Valley in more depth, and the stories the site holds.

*Outdoors – Year Round (weather permitting) – 2 hours – All Ages


wâhkôhtowin Bison Program 2 hours Specialty Program 

This tour is a 2-hour immersive program that introduces groups to Plains bison in every essence and explore the concept of wâhkôhtowin. Part I of the program will introduce students to the ecological impacts of the bison, their importance to the grasslands, and Wanuskewin’s conservation bison herd that was reintroduced to the land in 2019. Part II focuses on the history and the relationship between bison and Indigenous People of the Northern Plains, the cultural and spiritual significance of bison, and the longstanding relationship between people and animals.

*Outdoors – Year Round (weather permitting) – 2 hours – All Ages

*click on the picture above for more information on the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation’s “Bison as Teachers” resource









Let us come to you

Book a video call or outreach with us today!

Programming involves an interpretive guide from Wanuskewin connecting with your class or group in person, OR on your preferred Video Conferencing platform! (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.)

Program Options for VIDEO CALLS:


  • Dance presentation (all ages – additional cost)
    • Connect with one of our traditional dancers to share the stories of their dance style and regalia, and create an interactive environment with dancing and teaching.


  • Northern Plains Technology: The Bison (Grade 4+) (see description above in on site programming)
  • Cultural Awareness (K – Grade 4  & older grades on request)

Program Options for OUTREACH:

In Person Outreach Programs:

  • Traditional Games (all ages) (see description above in on site programming)
  • Northern Plains Technology: The Bison (Grade 4+) (see description above in on site programming)
  • Dance Presentation (all ages)



Virtual Field Trip/Outreach Program pricing:

  • 1 program   – $125.00
  • 2 programs – $200.00
  • 3 programs – $275.00
  • 4 programs – $350.00
  • 1 Dancer      – $200.00 per program
  • Outreach     – Travel time fee depends on distance the guide(s) will have to travel

*please note that each program is designed for one group/class at a time to ensure best interactive experience*

Email for more information and to book your session today!